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Crows On Grass

Crows on grass are feasting on chafer grubs which are eating the roots of grass and killing lawns throughout the lower mainland. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your beautiful lawn become a lumpy, brown patch of dead grass with a dozen crows feasting on whatever is beneath.  No fault of your own but […]

Vancouver House Prices Still On The Rise

Vancouver house prices still on the rise as stated in the November 16, 2015 headlines in The Vancouver Sun November 16, 2015 that House prices continue to surge in Greater Vancouver. If you are fortunate to live in a single-family residential house of high value you will certainly want to maximize the time you spend at home. If […]

SYNLawn® Saves You Money

Over time your investment with SYNLawn saves you money, time and the environment is cleaner. Are you aware that watering your lawn is approximately 50% – 70% of your water utility bill ? With municipal water restrictions and global warming it’s inevitable this expense will continue to escalate. We all know a green lawn increases […]

Chafer Grubs Killing Grass Everywhere!

It’s evident throughout the lower mainland chafer grubs have destroyed lawns and are creating a nuisance while attracting crows, skunks and raccoons. Over winter these grubs have been munching on the roots of grass creating tunnels under lawns. Rodents and birds come to feast on the grubs. As these grubs mature and become a chafer […]