British Columbia Businesses Love Our Artificial Turf in Vancouver

SYNLawn® Offers Countless Custom Commercial Turf Applications

From business frontages and flat rooftops to recreational sites, country clubs, and more, SYNLawn Vancouver offers commercial turf installation for almost every space! Our Vancouver clients have tapped into a product that brings aesthetic beauty and cost efficiency together in a way few products can. SYNLawn® synthetic landscaping turf is appealing to a growing number of business owners and property owners. Vancouver residents enjoy outdoor living, and we offer you more time to do just that! We all want the outdoor spaces of our commercial facilities to be appealing.

Let’s cut to the chase - the cost of landscape maintenance can be significant! So, why not dissolve that expense with our long-term solution? Artificial grass from SYNLawn Vancouver offers a green and pristine setting year-round, practically maintenance-free. Plus, the installation of our synthetic grass will save water, cut out the harmful, environmental toxins, rid your yard of grass allergies, lawn pests, and more!

There’s practically no space commercial customers can’t use our artificial turf! From products for common areas, indoor and outdoor golf putting greens to rooftop decks, business frontages, pet facilities, and an unlimited space to enjoy a park-like setting, our synthetic turf is perfect for every commercial space! SYNLawn is proud to offer the most realistic “fake grass” on the market. Plus, it can benefit your commercial facility in countless additional ways!


Each Commercial Turf Installation Comes with Additional Benefits

The benefits of our commercial landscaping turf speak for themselves. Here are a few reasons why more and more commercial customers throughout British Columbia are choosing SYNLawn® synthetic turf!

SYNLawn Vancouver’s commercial turf benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Our artificial grass is quality-made in its construction, design, and fiber selection!
  • Extreme durability allows our synthetic grass to stand up to harsh weather and heavy foot traffic!
  • No watering means significantly lower water bills = water conservation!
  • No mowing or fertilizing allows you to eliminate costs and pollution related to lawn maintenance!
  • Our commercial landscaping in Vancouver comes with a guaranteed warranty!
  • Our artificial grass in Vancouver qualifies for LEED credits!
  • Our artificial turf in Vancouver is Green Business Bureau certified!
  • Each installation from SYNLawn meets and exceed all safety standards!


Commercial Turf Installations from SYNLawn are Environmentally Friendly!
From the backing to the fibers themselves, we made a point to ensure our turf is manufactured responsibly with renewable resources! Plus, our EnviroLoc™ Backing System utilizes a multilayer component that locks turf fibers in so there is no displacement or shedding. Your turf will last for years to come. Unlike other turf backing systems, EnviroLoc™ replaces petroleum-based polymers with polymers that are made from bio-based materials. This makes our surfaces safer than ever for kids and pets to use!

For environmentally conscious contractors, SYNLawn is the obvious choice! Our innovative design techniques and recyclable materials will fall in line flawlessly with your company’s values. Your customers and clients will love the natural look and feel of our artificial grass. Did we mention your business may even qualify for LEED credit?


Commercial Landscaping in Vancouver Creates a Long-Lasting Outdoor Aesthetic
We know that our commercial customers are always looking for products that can provide optimum performance while benefiting their bottom line. SYNLawn® synthetic grass products will deliver on both of those goals, while bringing a beautiful outdoor aesthetic to your commercial space.

SYNLawn® has full supportive documentation for commercial installs, including CAD details, 3D drawings, specifications, manufacturer recommended installation procedures and copies of MSDS and product data sheets.


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