Why Choose SYNLawn Putting Green?

Why choose SYNLawn putting green over one with a competitive price or do-it-yourself package?  If some companies offer simple backyard assembly at a fraction of the cost of a SYNLawn professional installation I’m sure you want to know what you’re getting for the difference.  Good question!

Synthetic Grass vs. Natural Grass

Why would you choose synthetic grass over natural grass? If you still have a visual of the original ‘Astro Turf’ of the 60’s it’s unlikely you would ever consider replacing your lawn with synthetic turf.  SYNLawn is different, better and eco-friendly. But wait!  Fast forward to NOW and what SYNLawn offers is a completely natural […]

Stop mowing the lawn!

Stop mowing the lawn unless you want to continue contributing to ozone formation and air pollution.  According to recent research done at the School of Applied Sciences in Australia with a study on the effect of cutting grass emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere the C6-compounds are highly reactive with hydroxyl radicals and […]