Vancouver House Prices Still On The Rise

Vancouver house prices still on the rise as stated in the November 16, 2015 headlines in The Vancouver Sun November 16, 2015 that House prices continue to surge in Greater Vancouver.

If you are fortunate to live in a single-family residential house of high value you will certainly want to maximize the time you spend at home. If you are a new or current home owner we would be happy to consult with you to maximize your investment.   Your front yard is the face of your property that creates a first impression.  Your back yard should be your oasis where you relax and have fun.  If you have to spend your leisure time mowing, weeding, watering, and worrying about how the yard looks you aren’t relaxing.  Water conservation is a serious concern and will become a more expensive concern for property owners.  Chafer beetles are an invasive pest that are ruining lawns throughout the lower mainland and will continue to be a problem for all natural landscapes.  We have the expertise and answers so you can increase your property value, save time on landscape services and stop worrying about pests, rodents and other concerns many home owners are experiencing.  Contact us for a free consultation in the right-hand column if we can help you.

There is so much that can be done to make your landscape one that stops people in their tracks. Your yard can stand out as a gardeners dream that requires little maintenance allowing you the leisure you deserve.  Enjoy your investment with a zero-scape landscape that holds its value.

SYNLawn Vancouver/West Coast

A beautiful deck surrounded by a SYNLawn synthetic grass system will always look well manicured with little to no upkeep.

Decking can look like an extension of your yard with synthetic grass

Laying artificial turf on your deck will bring the outdoors closer, feel cooler and increase your real estate investment.

Family Fun

A hot tub or pool, golf putting green and potted plants create a yard that is entertaining and relaxing.

SYNLawn Vancouver with synthetic grass 20th Ave

This was a yard that had dead grass and little curb appeal but now is an extension of the home where the family can enjoy weekend barbecues and quiet moments.

AFTER SYNLawn installation

This was another yard that had holes from the dog digging and was patchy.  The dog now has all her freedom, is clean pest-free and easily managed.  No more muddy paws, patches or urine smell.

Low Maintenance - High Enjoyment

If you love privacy and enjoy some gardening you can easily choose plants that require little maintenance with lots of colour.  The SYNLawn is a highlight and because it does not need mowing there are no rocks flying out from the blades potentially hurting someone or some thing.  How relaxing is this yard?  How much value do you think it adds to the home?

Golf putting green for the adults and play centre for the kids. Clean, safe and entertaining.

SYNLawn’s playground system are safer, cleaner and greener than any other system. Add a golf putting green and dad can be golfing as the kids are playing!  Weekends become play time instead of work time.

Colorful with SYNLawn

Do you have a short street frontage or an area you want to have some ‘WOW’ factor that stands out?  The colour of this ornamental maple against the green of the artificial turf has the neighbours envious.  While they are out mowing their little patch these home-owners are in the back having a day off doing what they love.

dog diggingWe all know how many dog lovers there are in Vancouver.  We love our pet!  We don’t love the holes dug in the yard or the muddy paws. We don’t want our pet getting fleas and bringing them in the house either.  Pesticides and fertilizers can affect not only their health but ours as well.  At SYNLawn we understand the need for good drainage, an odour absorbing base that lasts, well constructed interlocking (EnviroLoc™ Backing) that won’t allow pests through so you, the property owner still has the best lawn in town.  Dogs love artificial turf too! They may get a little confused as to where they are going to bury their bone but they will find a hiding spot, trust us.