European Chafer Beetle Attacks Vancouver Lawns

Have you seen the lawn damage from grubs, the European chafer beetle grub, is doing to Vancouver lawns?  You really can’t miss it once you realize the dead grass that looks unkept, lumpy or spongy in yards all over the city are not due to lack of care.

Once these beetles have attacked your lawn, laid their eggs in the grass there is a limited window of time in which you can get rid of the eggs.  Once these eggs hatch into grubs that are full grown by Fall feeding off the roots of your grass you begin to realize the extent of damage.  Meanwhile the grubs attract skunks, raccoons, crows and other birds that feed off them.  By now your lawn looks like a war zone.

Chafer Beetle Damage with Crow Feeding on the Grubs
Chafer Beetle Damage with Crow Feeding on the Grubs

If you have taken a road trip throughout British Columbia in the past 20 years you likely noticed the rusty colour of pine trees in our forests.  Over time it was like a wave washing over the forest killing the trees, but in fact it was the pine beetle.  What the pine beetle has done to our forests is like the chafer beetle killing our grass.

You can read articles on other sites about chafer beetle to understand the extent of their damage, but just like pine beetle not enough is being done.  Limiting advice to ‘properly’ maintain your lawn or buy nematodes (which must be applied within a very specific time to be effective).  Speaking with home-owners who DO try to keep their grass healthy, spend significant money on such maintenance, they are all saying it’s not a long-term solution.

Think about it! If these European Chafer Beetles are multiplying by the thousands throughout the lower mainland, laying eggs are they going to be discretionary about whether or not they return to infest your beautifully maintained lawn?  Of course not!  Nematodes only feed upon the larvae during a few weeks of the year.  The City of Vancouver is advising you to keep your soil moist for 4 – 7 days after applying the nematodes AND applying for a water exemption permit to do this.  WHAT???

How about a permanent solution?

This is what chafer beetle destruction looks like.
This is what chafer beetle destruction looks like.

Our SYNLawn professionals understand  the problem chafer beetle infestation is causing to Vancouver lawns.  We will come in, remove all contaminated soil, install proper drainage and the base for our natural looking synthetic grass systems.

This is the BEST and MOST PERMANENT solution for keeping our city looking green, yards beautiful and natural looking, save water and help our environment.

We all need to become pro-active with the infestation of chafer beetle NOW.  This problem is already out-of-hand.  Inform yourself, inform your neighbours and give us a call or enter your name and email in the box for a free consultation.

We are the best in the industry and we are as concerned as you about keeping Vancouver and the landscape of Vancouver attractive.

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