Group of friends golfing in Vancouver, BC

How to Practice Golf Like a Professional

Most golfers love their drivers. It’s fun to hit the ball and watch it sail through the air toward your target. Unfortunately, this is not actually the way to improve your scores. The real difference between an amateur and a golf professional lies in each person’s short game. 80 percent of shots are lost to par within 125 yards of the hole. This means the difference between winning and losing rests with mastering your putter. Here are SYNLawn Vancouver’s recommendations for getting more out of each practice session – and performing like a pro!

Target Your Weaknesses First

It’s fun to work on the things you’re already good at, but then you typically don’t end up improving your overall score. Identify your weakest skills and research drills to target those areas. If you work with a golf pro, they can offer lend some helpful tips to get you playing at the top of your game even faster.

Technique is Key

Hitting 20 shots with proper technique will always be better than hitting dozens of balls haphazardly at the driving range. Golf legend, teacher and pro, Dave Pelz, is notorious for telling his students, “practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” Work with a professional or study their techniques to perfect your own form before committing to long practice sessions.

Slow Down

If you find that one specific swing is giving you trouble, practice the motion itself at half speed to see if you can identify the exact moment things go wrong – and correct it safely. This allows you to get a closer look at your own technique such as the way your muscles move, how weight is transferred from one foot to the other, how your hips turn, and how this all affects the ball’s trajectory. Slowly increase your speed using proper technique until it replaces the old, bad habits that threw you off before.

Practice Posture

Good posture is key when correcting your swing. Make sure your back is kept straight and tilt at the hips only. From there, you can bend your knees to get the club lower to the ground. Similarly, your arms should be aligned. If someone were to stand behind you on the green, one arm should hide the other – otherwise, you’ll hit a lot of pulls.

Make it Convenient

One of the best ways to get better is to make practice easy. Invest in a backyard putting green or an indoor golf mat so you can practice anytime from the comfort of your own home. A few options from SYNLawn Vancouver include:

  • Dave Pelz GreenMaker™
  • Portable Golf Greens
  • Fairway Mats

Practice is key to developing strong habits. If you practice consistently, with the right training, on the right surfaces, you’ll have better odds of lowering your scores on the greens at your favorite course. Contact our team today to learn more about getting your own home putting greens right here in Vancouver!