Artificial grass backyard installed by SYNLawn Vancouver

5 Reasons to Own an Artificial Grass Backyard

5 Reasons to Install Synthetic Grass in Your Vancouver Home

Trying to maintain natural grass can be a challenge for the average Vancouver homeowner. Natural lawns usually come with patchy grass, muddy shoes, and resilient weeds. Despite this some homeowners in British Colombia might continue to struggle through the daily maintenance due to concerns surrounding fake grass.

That’s why many artificial grass companies like SYNLawn Vancouver have dived into research and development to produce synthetic lawns and golf greens that perform. Now you can own an artificial grass backyard that is safe for the entire family and stays green all year long! Here’s 5 key benefits of installing synthetic grass in your backyard.


One of the top reasons Canadians are installing synthetic grass across the Vancouver areas is because of its durability. Artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions compared to natural grass. This is also why many major stadiums in Canada use top of the line synthetic turf.

These qualities make an artificial grass landscape ideal for backyards across British Columbia. SYNLawn Vancouver’s turf offers plenty of durable features in both the grass layer and infill that last for years to come.

Low Maintenance

One of the most sought-after benefits of artificial lawns is the low maintenance. With the installation of synthetic grass, you lose the frustration of muddy spots and patchy grass. You also don’t have to experience the constant labor of mowing the lawn or pulling weeds after installing artificial grass.

Products like our residential turf feature easy to clean synthetic grass. All it needs is a little rainfall, or water flush now and then. However, if you want to go the extra mile to truly maintain your artificial lawn you can check out the Care & Maintenance Manual that goes into detail on how to clean synthetic grass from SYNLawn Vancouver.


SYNLawn artificial grass is great for the entire family as it features several safety components. It’s approved by CSA and meets International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association standards. SYNLawn Vancouver is trusted throughout British Columbia to install SYNLawn® playground turf for various play areas and dog runs for pet parks.

Artificial turf is great for children with natural grass allergies. It also provides a safe place to play without the injuries that come with cracked dirt, overgrown grass, or weeds. SYNLawn Vancouver takes extra steps to provide a safe surface for children to play by using a foam padding base.

You can also find amazing pet friendly grass products that include heat blocking technology to protect your furry friend’s paws. Installing synthetic pet turf also eliminates exposure to ticks and fleas.

Eco Friendly

Many synthetic turf options also promote eco-friendly features! SYNLawn Vancouver is known for installing environmentally friendly artificial grass throughout British Columbia. Landscape designers throughout the city love that the turf installers at SYNLawn Vancouver use 100% recyclable artificial turf.

Not only is the turf recyclable but the foam padding used beneath the surface is also able to be recycled. Owning an artificial grass backyard also helps save water and reduces your carbon footprint.

Cost Effective

Finally, installing synthetic grass for your backyard helps save money in the long run. Because of the decrease in water usage, you spend less on bills. You also save money on maintenance since you don’t have to mow the lawn, prevent weeds, or use fertilizer. Artificial turf can increase your home value as well, making it not only cost effective but a worthwhile investment.

Whether considering a backyard putting green or play area, synthetic grass is a great alternative to the hard work and upkeep of natural grass. Find out more about the benefits of installing an artificial grass backyard in your British Columbia home from the grass installers at SYNLawn Vancouver.

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