Confessions of a SYNLawn Rookie

I will admit, when I was first given the opportunity to work for SYNLawn Vancouver I had virtually no knowledge of the product at hand. I knew of Astro -Turf used in baseball fields and green felt mats outside of RV’s but beyond that I was a rookie.

I showed up on my first day with a pre-conceived notion of what to expect and was completely floored by my resulting discovery. Times have changed! Synthetic grass no longer sticks out like a sore thumb. It fits nicely into urban settings and looks natural and organic.

The process of installation is fine-tuned and extremely detail-oriented. There is a craftsmanship to working with SYNLawn. The company takes pride in its product and wants to exemplify that by giving customers the ultimate residential landscape. Even before turf touches the ground, scrupulous and detailed work needs to be done. Great care goes into constructing the landscape each client desires. Whether it’s flat and level or a rolling berm, each yard is built with a stern eye and intense focus.

For the more adventurous clients, SYNLawn offers unique putting greens in a variety of shapes and sizes. Clients are able to customize their green surface to recreate those holes on the courses that have troubled them round after round. These constructions are some of the more interactive installations between client and installer. The past three years have seen me install swells, plateaus, hills, ridges into putting green surfaces along with fringe and authentic sand bunkers to complement the playing surface. Every job is different, which allows for a unique experience for myself-the installer- along with the satisfied customers.

After working for SYNLawn Vancouver for three years one thing has become clear to me: this company is always looking to improve. The term “training period” does not apply because these guys never stop finding innovative ways to enhance the product. Virtually every week, I learn a new step in the process and find a more efficient way to complete installations.

It’s easy to try and categorize SYNLawn Vancouver as carpet layers or landscapers, but in actuality the work done breaks many barriers within the industry. Yes, there is hard, gritty labor but it’s mixed with a genuine sense of artistry. Sure, we roll out the artificial grass much like a roll of carpet but we do so over a careful landscape design, imagined by satisfied customers. SYNLawn breaks the mold and leaves people wanting to know more about such a fresh, thriving industry. The process blew me away three years ago and continues to surprise me every week.


-Dylan Markley, SYNLawn employee