Climate Change Impacts BC

Climate change will likely have profound impacts on many ecosystems in B.C. over time.”  (taken directly from the Province of BC’s government site).  Isn’t this what we’re already witnessing throughout our cities and communities as dead grass replaces what was once lush green lawns or landscapes?  Water restrictions are the result of climate change and global warming.

Climate change a factor in B.C. forest fires was the headline of CTV news broadcast July 22 of this year, 2015.  Forest fires are a major concern for area residents every year along the West Coast.  Millions of dollars are required to rebuild communities devastated by the destruction of these fires.  Millions of gallons of water are doused over the land.

We don’t pretend to have the only solution.  We do however have a great looking product that allows us to feel as though the problem is not as imminent as it appears.  Our green synthetic grass systems have come a LONG way since the introduction of artificial grass. Fake grass no longer looks fake!  Our exclusive EnviroLoc™Backing System’s enhanced multi-layer component system locks in durable fibres so it not only extends the product’s lifecycle but doesn’t lose it’s thickness. The well engineered technology of our BioCel™replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with bio-based polymers created from soybean plants.  We also add Celceram™ which is a recycled product of coal combustion for amazing strength and dimensional stability.  Altogether these biobased technologies give an environmentally responsible solution to artificial grass while helping to conserve our Earth’s natural resources.   These products are also 100% recyclable!  Unlike some cheap synthetic grass products our HeatBlock™ technology also keeps the surface temperature up to 20% cooler than competitors similar turf.

With the best warranty in this industry you are reassured your investment is protected.

There’s no doubt climate change will have a serious impact on our ecosystems however that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful landscape without bark mulch or rock.  You CAN save on water and have time to spend with the family instead of mowing the lawn next summer.  You CAN have a safer and healthier playground system for your children or a green pet run for your dog.  You can have the soft feel of lush grass beneath your toes because at SYNLawn we have the best alternative to natural grass.

Don’t wait until next Spring to get your complimentary quote or speak with our sales team.  We are standing by waiting to help you decide the best solution for your landscape needs and how you can have the best looking lawn on the block.  Call us today or submit your name and let us get back to you at the top right of the page.


Do you recognize Vancouver Harbour with our synthetic grass?
Do you recognize Vancouver Harbour with our synthetic grass?

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