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SYNLawn synthetic turf is the best alternative to natural grass. We serve the West Coast from Hope, BC to Whistler installing synthetic grass for decks, rooftop patios, pet runs, lawns, golf putting greens, commercial properties and so much more.

Stop mowing the lawn!

Stop mowing the lawn unless you want to continue contributing to ozone formation and air pollution.  According to recent research done at the School of Applied Sciences in Australia with a study on the effect of cutting grass emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere the C6-compounds are highly reactive with hydroxyl radicals and […]

Keeping Vancouver Beautiful

Vancouver, British Columbia is a beautiful city! We have such diversity in our landscape with the coastal mountain range, Pacific ocean, lakes, streams, rivers, and 4 seasons of fantastic weather. At SYNLawn Vancouver we are proud to represent a company that is not only ‘earth friendly’, ‘water friendly’ and ‘pet friendly’ but enhances and improves […]